Aoyue 2900 Soldering Station Review

aoyue 2900 soldering station reviewAoyue 2900 Soldering Station Review

The Aoyue 2900 is a microprocessor, digital readout, 70W soldering station.

The iron heats up very quickly and is comfortable to use, even for long periods. The cord from the station to the iron is long enough not to get in the way and is also very flexible.


The iron stand has had a lot of criticism in the past due to the fact that the iron did not fit into the stand correctly. Aoyue have (as of 15th April 2012) re-designed the stand to make it a better fit with the iron and the design appears to be a major improvement over the old stand design.

The new iron stand has a tip holder that can store up to six tips and a solder reel holder, both of these can be fixed to the iron stand on the left, right or left off completely.

LCD Display Yes
Display F or C
Touch Pad
Pre-sets 0
Auto Shutoff 30 Minutes
ESD Safe Yes
390 – 896 F
200 – 480 C
Watts 70
Volts in 110
Volts out 24
Size in inches
W x H x D
4.7 x 3.2 x 5.5

The station operates at temperatures of between 200 – 480 °C ( 392 – 896 °F ) and with a 70W output to the irons tip it will cope with both fine PCB component soldering and more heavy duty work without a problem.

The iron tips have integrated ceramic heaters and sensors built into them and are very easy to hot swop using the supplied pad. On the downside to this is the fact that having the heating element and sensor built into the tips makes them more expensive to buy.

The Aoyue 2900 also features an auto shutoff that will kick in after 30 minutes of iron inactivity, reducing tip wear and making the station safe by ensuring that you don’t leave the iron switched on by accident.

Build quality of the Aoyue 2900is very rugged and should withstand a few bumps and knocks.

The one major drawback with this station is the lack of a pre-set. When the station is switched off and then on again the station heats up to 350°C and must be set to the required operating temperature every time.

Aoyue 2900 Soldering Station Review

Positive Points:
LCD Display

Aoyue soldering iron tips

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Lightweight Iron
Ergonomic design
Long Flexible Cable
Fast Heat up
Quality Build
ESD Safe

Auto shut off
Wide Range of Tips Available

Negative Points:

No pre-sets
Temperature display in Celsius only
Integrated tip heater and sensor
Ill fitting thin sponge



Aoyue 2900 Lead Free Soldering Station

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