Aoyue INT 2930 Review

Aoyue INT 2930 Review

Is this station a bargain? Read our Aouye INT 2930 review to find out.

The INT 2930 is a major technological step forward for Aoyue and allows them to compete with the likes of Hakko and Weller. The station features Fast Response composite tip design that is hot swappable, Auto Sleep and Wake Functions, Vibration sensor in the iron handle that detects movement, Digital Offset, Programmable Sleep Function, System Lockout, 2 Quick Jump buttons for favorite settings, Switchable between ºF and ºC & 24 volt output to prevent circuit damage. And all that for a bargain price!

The Aoyue INT 2930 features in more detail:


When the soldering iron has been left unmoved the system will begin to count down to prepare forAoyue int 2930 Soldering Station Review sleep mode. The suffix on the LCD display will change to a small letter “d” to indicate that the system is preparing to enter sleep mode. When the system enters sleep mode the display shows four dashes “- – – – “ To wake the system, simply lift up the soldering iron or push any of the control buttons.

The system has two configurable quick jump settings. The quick jump features enables the user to easily jump to a predefined temperature setting. The two most frequently used temperature settings must first be saved into system memory. A simple push of two buttons will automatically jump to one of the preset temperatures.

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The System lock feature disables adjustment to both temperature and system configuration. The display will show “SAFE” when system lock feature is enabled. To engage the system lock:  press the decrease button to switch the lock feature to “LOn”. The station is now locked and the changing of temperature and system settings are blocked. The system lock must be unlocked to re-enable access to the system. To disengage system lock press and hold all three buttons for more than ten seconds.

Aoyue INT 2930 Soldering Station ReviewTEMPERATURE SCALE
The displayed temperature can be toggled between centigrade or Fahrenheit. To Switch the temperature display press and hold the set button, Wait for the display to change to “A###”, then repeatedly press the “SET” button until “ C°” or “ F°” is displayed. “C°” indicates that the current system scale is Centigrade. “F°” denotes the selected temperature scale is the Fahrenheit scale. Press the increase or decrease button to select between the two temperature scales. To save the temperature scale settings, repeatedly press the SET button until the display shows the word “SAVE”. Press the increase button to save and exit from the system configuration mode.

The build quality of the station is up to Aoyue’s usual high standards. The weight, ergonomics and design of the Iron are also very good. With a massive 75W and a temperature range of 200 – 480 °C the INT 2930 will cope with just about any soldering project, large or small.



I must admit that before the INT 2930 was released I was not a fan of Aoyue products simply due to the fact that I thought they had fallen behind in the technology department. The Aoyue INT 2930 has changed my opinion of this and they are now in a position to compete with (and possibly beat) most of the other soldering station manufacturers. A great soldering station at a fantastic price. What more could you ask for?

Aoyue 2930 Programmable Lead Free Soldering Station, C/F Switchable, Configurable soldering iron holder

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