Aoyue INT 9378 Review

Aoyue INT 9378 ReviewIn this in-depth Aoyue INT 9378 Review we will be looking at the features of this top class soldering station.

The Aoyue INT 9378 is a 60 watt Microprocessor controlled digital soldering station. The INT 9378 comes complete with 10 Iron tips and a spare heating element.

Aoyue have certainly excelled themselves with the cutting edge technology incorporated into the 9378. The station includes: Long Life Ceramic heat Element, Auto Sleep and Wake Function, Vibration sensor in the iron handle that detects movement, Digital Offset, Programmable Sleep Function, System Lockout Feature, two Quick Jump buttons for favourite aoyue-9378-soldering-stationtemperature settings, Switchable between ºF and ºC, 24 volt output to prevent circuit damage, ESD Safe, CE and RohS Compliant design, 60 watt Power consumption and a temperature range of  200-480 C (392-897 F)

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The Controller:
The 9378 has a high build quality and with 60 watts of power and a temperature range of 200-480 C (392-897 F) the 9378 should cope with most soldering jobs. Even when soldering thick wires and components with large ground planes the thermal recovery time is excellent with the tip temperature dropping only a few degrees and then recovering almost instantly.

The station is controlled by using the 3 push buttons on the front of the station. The buttons control all of the stations heat settings and programmable functions and are easily viewed due to a large, bright LED display.

The operating temperature can easily be changed by pressing the increase or decrease buttons. When the buttons are pressed the unit will display the set temperature and after a few seconds will switch to the actual tip temperature.

Aoyue 9378 FeaturesThe 9378 has two quick jump temperature settings. The quick jump feature enables the user to easily jump to a predefined temperature. The two most frequently used temperature levels must first be saved into system memory. A simple push of two buttons (Increase & set or decrease & set) will automatically jump to one these pre-set temperature levels.

The System lock feature disables adjustment to both temperature and system configuration. The display will show “SAFE” when system lock feature is enabled. To disengage system lock press and hold all three buttons for more than ten seconds.

The Iron:
The Soldering Iron is also equipped with a built in vibration sensor that detects movement of the soldering iron. If the Iron is left unmoved the system will start the sleep timer countdown. The display will show a the letter “d” to indicate that the system is preparing to go into sleep mode. The display will then display four dashes “—-” to indicate that the system has entered sleep mode. To wake the system, lift up the iron or push any control buttons on the front of the station.

Aoyue INT 9378 ReviewThe iron heats up very quickly and has a long life ceramic heating element with a removable tip design that makes changing the tips a very simple task. The irons weight and feel are exactly right and makes it very comfortable to use, even for long periods. The cord is long and also flexible enough to avoid any kinks or tangles.

The iron holder is good quality and features a tip holder and solder reel holder that can be fitted either left, right or left off completely. The iron holder also comes with a sponge tip cleaner.


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Aoyue 9378 60 Watt Programmable Digital Soldering Station – ESD Safe, includes 10 tips, C/F switchable, Configurable Iron Holder, Spare Heating Element,100-130V

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