Best Soldering Station For Beginners

Learn to SolderMany people have asked our advice on choosing the best soldering stations for beginners. In our opinion, the answer is the X-TRONIC #4010-XTS or the X-Tronic 8080-XTS.

Soldering can be a fun and rewarding hobby to get involved in. There are literally thousands of situations where a soldering station may be required such as, model making, amateur electronics, home repairs and many more.

Soldering is not difficult when you have the right equipment at hand and many people comment that that after changing from a cheap soldering iron to a soldering station their soldering improved dramatically.

The benefits of the two stations shown below are the fact that they come with most of the equipment that you will need to get started straight away, saving you time and probably money as well. The only additional thing you need to buy is a roll of solder.

Practice makes perfect.

If you have never soldered before or are not very confident using a soldering iron, i strongly suggest that you practice on some old circuit boards before starting a real project.

Old circuit boardInstead of throwing out that old TV set or stereo strip it down and remove the circuit boards from it. You can then practice de-soldering and re-soldering components and wires until you are confident enough to tackle a real project.

Before starting any sort of soldering project i suggest that you read the soldering safety tips. Although soldering is a great hobby to get into it can also be a hazardous one if the safety rules are not strictly followed.
Best Soldering Station For Beginners

If you are new to soldering the X-TRONIC #4010-XTS is one of the best soldering stations for beginners. It has all the accessories that you need to get you started.

The Station comes complete with 10 Soldering Tips of various shapes and sizes, a spare heating element, a pair of anti-magnetic tweezers and a 5x magnifying lamp! The only thing you need to buy is the solder and maybe a decent tip cleaner.

The X-TRONIC #4010-XTS has a 60 watt output and a temperature range of 200 – 480 degrees centigrade, all controlled by a Samsung micro processor. Giving you plenty of power to tackle all types of soldering jobs.

The build quality of the station, iron and stand is excellent and should give many years of trouble free soldering.

The customer support is without a doubt second to none and with a 1 year fix/replace guarantee this station is an absolute bargain for anyone that’s either updating their existing equipment or new to soldering.

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X-Tronic 8080-XTSX-Tronic 8080-XTS

If you are looking for a station that will do more than just solder then the X-Tronic 8080-XTS may be a good starter kit for you.

The 8080 is a 4 in one hot air rework and soldering iron that comes with 10 soldering iron tips, 4 hot air nozzles, a pair of anti magnetic tweezers, a 5x magnifying lamp, an IC popper and 1 roll of Gootwick.

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Soldering Safety Tips

Most of the soldering safety tips are common sense that most people will follow without even thinking about it. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves now and again about the basic soldering hazards and how they can be avoided.

Safety equipment:

Goggles – Solder can sometimes spit and fly up towards the operator without warning. Wearing goggles, Glasses or a visor can stop nasty burns to the eyes and face.Soldering Safety

Gloves – Wearing gloves can prevent a nasty burn when inadvertently touching the iron and can also stop the solder being absorbed into the skin.

Fume Extractor– Solder and flux can be harmful if breathed in and can cause eye and lung irritation. Using an extractor will ensure that you are not ingesting the toxic fumes.

Soldering Station ReviewsHelping Hands – Using clamps, Pliers or tweezers to hold components in place will keep your fingers away from the hot iron.

Fireproof Soldering Surface – Use a Fireproof heat mat on your workbench to prevent fires.


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