Hakko FX-888D Review

Hakko FX888D Review

With a solid build quality and state of the art features, Hakko have another winner on their hands. The station is a major upgrade of the popular FX888 and a replacement of the 936 model.

New Features:

Several new features have been incorporated into the Hakko FX888D, these include; user selectable temperature presets, low temperature warning, password protection for settings, LCD display and touch pad operation.

Temperature Presets: The FX-888D has a preset mode that will allow the unit to store up to 5 preset temperatures you can change between instead of using the manual mode. The station is pre-programmed with the following temperatures; P1 : 600℉ (316℃) – P2 : 700℉ (371℃) – P3 : 750℉ (399℃) – P4 : 800℉ (427℃) – P5 : 850℉ (454℃). All presets can be changed by the user.Hakko Soldering Station

Password Function: It is possible to restrict certain setting changes to the unit.
There are three choices for the password setting, (The factory default is “0 : Open”) these are open, partial access and restricted access.

Low Temperature Warning: If the sensor temperature goes below the low-limit temperature although heating element is on, an error will be displayed on the LCD. The factory set temperature is 270℉.

A temperature range of 400° – 899°F (200° – 480°C) makes the iron suitable for a wide range of soldering jobs and it would be at home in any hobbyist or medium use professional environment.

Hakko Iron StandThe iron itself heats up very quickly and offers a fast thermal recovery time thanks to its ceramic heating element. The ergonomic design and light weight of the iron make it a pleasure to use and would be suitable for both home and light commercial soldering.

The iron is also ESD safe and therefore can be used on electronic components without fear of damage from static electricity.

The tip that is included with the station is quite large, so if you’re soldering small components on to PCB boards you might want to buy a smaller tip. Spares are easily obtainable and there are a vast range of tips available for just about any type of soldering project imaginable. Click here to see the range of Hakko tips for this model.
Hakko CHP 170 micro cutters
Freebie !!!
The station also comes with a pair of Hakko CHP 170 micro cutters.  These cutters are worth buying on their own. They have sharp, hardened steel blades that are perfect for getting into tight spaces. The handles are ergonomically designed and have a comfortable feel to them. The cutters are spring loaded with a low tension spring that keeps the jaws open and still allows for constant use without tiring the hand.

LCD Display Yes
Display F or C
Touch Pad
Pre-sets 5
Auto Shutoff No
ESD Safe Yes
392 – 896 F
200 – 480 C
Watts 65
Volts in 110
Volts out 26
Size in inches
W x H x D
4.7 x 4.7 x 3.9

Positive Points:

LCD Display
Lightweight Iron
Ergonomic design
Fast Heat up
Quality Build
ESD Safe
5 Temperature Presets
Password Lockout Function
Low Temperature Warning
Wide Range of Tips Available
Display Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Temperature Adjustment Calibration
Comes With Wire and Sponge Cleaners

Negative Points:

The touch pad operation may take some getting used to
No Auto Shutoff Function
Some reviewers comment that it looks like a toy

 Hakko FX-888D Review

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Hakko Digital FX888D & CHP170 bundle, includes FREE CHP170 cutter

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