Helping Hands

TEKTON 7521 Helping Hands with Magnifier

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Base
2-1/2-Inch, 2X Magnifying Glass for Precision Work without Eyestrain
Dual Alligator Spring Clamps Hold Workpiece Steady
Mirror and Clamps are Mounted on Adjustable Ball Joints to Position and View Work at any Angle
Frees Hands for Soldering, Gluing, Positioning, Fastening, and Assembly

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Base, 2-1/2-Inch, 2X Magnifying Glass for Precision Work without Eyestrain , Dual Alligator Spring Clamps Hold Workpiece Steady, Mirror and Clamps are Mounted on Adjustable Ball Joints to Position and View Work at any Angle , Frees Hands for Soldering, Gluing, Positioning, Fastening, and Assembly.

Stalwart 75-MG8949 Hawk Helping Hands 30.5-Inch Magnifier with Soldering Station

Steel working parts
Heavy iron base for stability
Large 30.5-Inch magnifying glass for precision on detailed jobs
Two alligator clips hold a variety of objects securely in place so your hands remain free
Coiled holder keeps a soldering iron or other small tools within reach

The Helping Hand Magnifier is the perfect solution for any hobbyist or designer who needs a second set of hands to hold onto materials. The two alligator clips will hold your work firmly in position, freeing up your hands for soldering, gluing and other tasks. The powerful 30.5-Inch magnifying glass will give you a close up view even the most minuet details of your work so that you can get the job done accurately.

PanaVise Model 201 “Junior” Miniature Vise

The PanaVise 201 “Junior” miniature vise is a combination of quality workmanship and durability, ease of adjustment and available accessories. Designed for use in small projects requiring precise soldering, gluing and tool work, the 201 Junior miniature vise features tilt adjustability up to 210-degrees along with 360-degree turns and rotations, fine and course clamping abilities, grooved jaws for easy holding power, heat-tolerant jaws, compatibility with other vise components and more.

Combo Soldering Iron “Third-Hand” Tool + (4) Tweezers

Combo of 5pc Electronics Repair tool Third-Hand Soldering Iron (Magnifier Loupe, 2 Alligator Clamps and Stand) Tool, Factory Sealed NIB This product is perfect for soldering and model making enthusiasts.

This product gives an extra hand on those hard soldering projects. This is one of the best quality tools in the market It comes with stand and 2 fully adjustable alligator clamps.

The stand is made of heavy iron The glass lens is also fully adjustable 360 degrees to any angle.

This product has great magnification power Len’s size is 2 1/2″ 3x and made of coated glass for crystal clear view Overall size is 10 1/2″ x 7 3/4″ x 2 1/8″ 4pcs of Jewelers, Watchmakers and Hobby Tweezers , Factory Sealed NIB The tweezers are , factory sealed, in their original package.

These brand highly polished and surgical-grade stainless steel This tweezers are designed for holding beads, jewelry, stamps and coins This set is ideal for craftsmanship, sewing or matchmaking.

This set contains 4 different pair of tweezers You will receive one curved tip, one straight tip, slant tip and one cross locking tip tweezers The sizes are approximately 4 1/2″ to 4 3/4″

Helping Hand 4x & 7x Lighted Magnifier Stand – 2 Arms – Soldering, Gluing Projects

Fine detail projects like electronics & soldering are easier when you’ve got a ‘helping hand’!
2-1/2″ diameter 4X magnifier with 7x sub-lens increases viewed objects up to 700%, steel flex neck.
Twin super-bright LED illuminate project, light for 40 hours on 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Two triple-jointed arms on sliding bracket with alligator clips for holding workpieces.
Steel spring stand holds wire of all sizes, solder, tools & more; 9″ height overall.

GadgetZone (US Seller) Helping Third Hand Magnifier LED 3.5X 12X 2 LEDs Magnifying Glass Soldering Iron Stand

Primary lens diameter: 65mm
Accessorial lens diameter: 17mm
Primary lens Magnification times: 3.5X
Accessorial Lens Magnifying multiple: 12X
With two LED lights, you can also be in normal operation under insufficient sunlight environment
Powered by three AAA batteries (NOT included)
– The metal flexible pipe can be bent into various shapes and the Lens height and position are adjustable freely to meet the various needs of customers
– It can be used as a practical helper for soldering jewelry, electronics and model making
– Adjustable crocodile holding clamps

PanaVise 324 Electronic Work Center

 Includes a 315 Circuit Board Holder, a 300 Standard Base, a 312 Parts Tray Base Mount, and a 371 Solder Station
Circuit Board Holder Tilts 90 degrees, Turns 360 & Rotates 360
Single control knob and exclusive split-ball locks the Circuit Board Holder firmly into place
Height: 13.5-Inch (342.9mm) Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2kg)
Limited Lifetime Warranty!

The PanaVise 324 electronic work center is a work-holding tool bundle designed for work with circuit boards and other electronic components. It features a head specifically designed to hold circuit boards up to 12″, and a tray mount with six built-in parts wells and various soldering iron accessories.

The components are mounted around a PanaVise 300 standard base. The base is compatible with additional tool and vise head options, and features PanaVise “split-ball” functionality utilizing single-knob controls for head movement through 3 separate planes (tilt, turn and rotate).

Helping hands

When soldering any type of small board or part, having the ability to hold it steady is a must, not only can you secure the part to stop it from moving around, you also remove the possibility of a nasty burn from the iron.

The base is usually heavily weighted to give a solid platform that will stop any movement when you are working on the part.

Helping hands come in a variety of configurations that can cope with just about any sort of soldering application imaginable. The configurations that are available and can include: Crocodile clips, clamps, vices, magnifying lenses and soldering iron holders.

The clamps and clips are usually adjustable to different heights and angles to offer a wide range of compatibility with different sized boards or parts. When working on large boards, using two or more helping hands will give even more stability and ensure that the part does not move around.

Helping hands are often referred to as the “third hand“or “extra hand”. They are an invaluable tool when soldering any type of small to medium sized board or part, and as such, should be part of the basic soldering toolkit.