X-TRONIC 4010 Review

X-TRONIC 4010 review

Is the X-TRONIC 4010 the best soldering station for the money ? Read our X-TRONIC 4010 review to find out!

The X-TRONIC #4010-XTS has got to be the best value for money soldering station out of all of those we have reviewed. Not only do you get a quality built soldering station, you also get a selection of ten tips, anti magnetic tweezers, spare heating element and a 5x magnifying lamp. WOW, how’s that for a complete package !

The station is ESD safe so you don’t have to worry about component damage from static discharge.


The Controller:
The X-TRONIC #4010 features a large digital temperature display which gives a very clear visual display that shows the user exactly what temperature the station is operating at, enabling the user to to set the appropriate heat for a wide variety of different soldering jobs.

With a temperature range of 200 – 480 °C  (392 – 896 °F) x-tronic 4010 xtsand a 60 Watt output the X-TRONIC 4010 will cope with most soldering projects and will suit both the beginner and the more experienced solderer alike.

The temperature is regulated by a dial that can be turned clockwise to increase the operating temperature of the station. The display will show you what you are setting the temperature to when you move the dial and then will quickly switch back to the current temperature. The LED light on the controller lights up when the station is heating, giving the user a clear indication of when the station is at the set temperature.

The X-TRONIC #4010-XTS now features a Centigrade / Fahrenheit switch to allow the user to change the temperature readout between the two heat displays.

Calibration of the station is also possible by using an external temperature sensor.


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The Iron and Base:

LCD Display Yes
Display F or C
Pre-sets 1
Auto Shutoff No
ESD Safe Yes
200 – 480 °C
392 – 896 °F
Watts 60
Volts in 110 – 120
Volts out 24
Size in inches
W x H x D
5 x 4.5 x 5

The build quality of the station is without a doubt excellent. The iron gets to temperature very quickly and has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable to handle for long periods of use. The iron is also lightweight and well balanced enough to allow for easy soldering of small or difficult to get to components.

The base is a very sturdy construction and the iron fits perfectly into the holder. The cord from the controller to the iron is over 3ft long and very flexible which eliminates the problem of tangles and kinks.

The base also has a sponge tip cleaner built into it. Personally I am not a fan of the sponge cleaners and would have preferred a wire cleaner. However, wire cleaners are very cheap and the Hakko tip cleaner  does a great job.

The iron heats up very quickly (30 – 40 seconds to operating temperature) and even when soldering large components or wires it only drops a few degrees and then recovers almost instantly.

Having read the reviews on Amazon the one thing that stands out is the exceptional customer support. If you have a problem it is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Why isn’t all customer support like that?

Take a look at the Amazon reviews X-TRONIC #4010-XTS Reviewbelow and you will see a near perfect star rating, that in itself is a very high recommendation.

Positive Points:
Spare heater element
10 iron tips
5x Magnifying lamp
Anti static tweezers
LCD Display
Lightweight Iron
Ergonomic design
Long Flexible Cable
Fast Heat up
Quality Build
ESD Safe
Wide Range of Tips Available
Outstanding customer service

 Negative Points:
No auto shutoff


“X-TRONIC” MODEL #4010-XTS – 4000 SERIES – SMD – ESD SAFE – NEW Centigrade/Fahrenheit Switch – Digital Soldering Iron Station – 10 SOLDERING TIPS – 1 EXTRA HEATING ELEMENT – 1 ANTI-MAGNETIC TWEEZERS – 1 5X MAGNIFYING LAMP!!!

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