X-Tronic 8080-XTS Review

X-Tronic 8080-XTS Review

Read our X-Tronic 8080-XTS review to find out if this complete kit is the soldering station for you

The X-Tronic 8080-XTS is a soldering iron station, hot air rework, power supply and a DC test meter. This 4 in 1 soldering station has all the features that an expert technician or a hobbyist may need. And aside from its 4 in 1 functions, it also has a complete set of tools that are essential for a wide range of electronics projects.

The 8080 comes with a 500 watt hot air gun, a 70 watt soldering iron, 10 soldering tips, 4 hot air nozzles, test leads, an anti-static and anti-magnetic tweezers, an IC popper, and a gooseneck magnifying lamp.

The Iron
The X-Tronic 8080 is equipped with a 70 watt soldering iron which features an easy grip and durable design. The power cord is long and supple enough not to kink or tangle when in use. The iron is docked into a handy and easy to use soldering base with a tip cleaner to allow you to clean the soldering tip with ease. This hot air rework and solder iron station is ESD safe.

An LED digital readout will tell you how hot your iron is and the user can easily change the readings into Centigrade or Fahrenheit with just a flick of a switch. So technically, you will be able to precisely set the right temperature that you need to get your projects completed safely and efficiently with this adaptable soldering station.

The Controller X-Tronic 8080-XTS 4 in 1 Hot Air Rework and Soldering Iron Station Review
The 8080-XTS has an efficient controller which basically houses the switches to change the temperature of the soldering iron and hot air rework station. It also works as a 30 volt-5 amp DC power supply as well as a 50 volt-5 amp DC voltage/amp test meter.

The controller is equipped with a dual core microcomputer processor which makes the unit more reliable and durable even after years of use.

The large LED temperature readings allow you to check and easily change the temperature when using the soldering and hot air rework tool.

If you need to use the voltage tester then the LED voltage readings easily light up for use. As mentioned, you can easily change temperature readings in just a flick of a switch.

An easy to carry handle allows you to take this soldering iron station anywhere you would like to work.

The X-Tronic 8080-XTS also makes soldering and other electronic and electrical work more efficient with the tools that come with your purchase. First is the wide array of soldering tips which can help you in any kind of soldering project. You can choose from a pyramid, flat face, chisel, wide flat face, fine conical, wicking tips, concave tips, bare tips, etc.

The station also include four different types of hot air nozzles which will efficiently control hot air blown from the hot air rework tool.

Other tools included are anti-magnetic tweezers, an IC popper and a convenient gooseneck lamp that will allow you to magnify your soldering projects up to 5x magnification.

Just take a look at the incredible Amazon Reviews and the perfect star rating and you will see why we highly recommend this station.

The controller unit is built with a smart cooling feature that prevents the soldering iron station from overheating as a result of extended use. The unit has sensors that will precisely keep track of temperature inside the unit and automatically turns on the internal fan to reduce the temperature as soon as possible. An efficient cooling system definitely improves the life span of any electronic appliance.

Product warranties and guarantees
The X-Tronic 8080-XTS comes with a 1-year guarantee.


The X-Tronic 8080-XTS is a 4 in 1 electronic and electrical soldering station that any professional or hobbyist would be happy to use. It has efficient features that anyone would need when it comes to working with electronic circuits and hobbies that need precise soldering methods.

The tools and the accessories that come with the station make this a totally indispensable piece of equipment for the workbench.


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